SmartRider™ is an advanced smart leveling system, providing unmatched accessibility for all passengers using intelligent kneeling with variable height capability.

An industry-first in fully accessible, easy access level boarding from curb to aisle

New Flyer developed SmartRider™ to create an unmatched accessibility experience for all passengers – enabling buses to kneel to variable heights and minimize the slope difference between a low-floor ramp and bus floor.

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SmartRider™ vs SmartRider™ Plus

SmartRider™ is available on all Xcelsior® models, in one of two configurations, SmartRider™ and SmartRider™ Plus. SmartRider™ includes basic features on the front axle. SmartRider™ Plus applies to all axle systems, lending additional features such as curb-side kneeling, high ride/low ride and platform-level boarding.

  • Included

  • Optional

Front Kneel
Curb-Side Kneel
Enhanced Roll Stiffness
Platform Level
High Ride/Low Ride
Self-Leveling Auto Ramp Deploy
SmartRider™ Plus
Available with SmartRider™ ramp
Available with SmartRider™ ramp

Why SmartRider™?

The SmartRider™ system is a breakthrough in public transit accessibility, offering:

  • Unmatched accessibility

  • Reduced energy consumption and upgraded components for increased reliability and lower maintenance

  • Stability

    Increased stability and improved sway control

  • Actively maintained ride height on uneven road surfaces

  • Integrated suspension kneeling operation with SmartRider™ ramp to facilitate single operation for accessible boarding to a defined ramp angle.

Benefits of SmartRider™ and SmartRider™ Plus

These  systems are a breakthrough in public transit accessibility, offering optimized boarding and unmatched line accessibility for all passengers.

  • 1:6

    SmartRider™ and SmartRider™ Plus can achieve a 1:6 slope ratio.

  • Intelligent technology that eliminates the driver’s decision on when and how far to kneel.

  • Obstruction

    Sensors enables ramp to detect an obstruction. Ramp will stop and reverse to a vertical position within the doorway.

  • Intelligent, independent monitoring of controlled wheel positions for enhanced stability.

  • Maintenance

    Easy diagnostics and fewer parts and maintenance with reduced air spring wear, no external linkage, and easily replaceable linear sensors.

How the SmartRider™ ramp system works

The SmartRider™ ramp and suspension system work together to make ramp deployment and bus kneeling an automated operation. At a single touch of a button, a driver can deploy the ramp to enable the following:

Learn more about this technology at the Vehicle Innovation Center.