Smart buses for smart cities

NFI Connect™ is an exclusive, advanced telematics solution that gives you real-time oversight of your entire fleet, improving bus and coach uptime and safety, and lowering costs.

Why NFI Connect™?

  • Remote Access + Real-Time Alerts

    No matter your location or device, the entire suite of information is accessible – with real-time event notifications sent as issues arise.

  • Breakdown Prevention

    Knowing about a problem before it becomes a breakdown is key to successful fleet management.

  • Constant Collaboration

    Our Active Centre Support team monitors your fleet and regularly sends interactive reports about the overall performance of your fleet.

  • Built-in Smart Technology

    Our on-board technology communicates real-time GPS and analytic data to ensure optimal bus and coach performance and safety.

  • Powerful Management Tool

    NFI Connect™ monitors all critical vehicle on-board systems and data, while recording GPS location for real-time monitoring and two-way communication with buses and coaches.

  • Fully Customizable

    Data reports are only important when the information they contain matters to you. We can adapt them to meet your specific goals and needs.

  • Saves Fuel

    NFI Connect™ finds fuel savings and energy efficiencies by identifying smart routes.

  • Solves Problems

    Our built-in on-board smart technology communicates real-time GPS and analytic data to ensure optimal bus performance and safety.

  • Saves Time

    NFI Connect™ gives you smarter oversight of your whole operation, ultimately improving bus and coach uptime.

What’s new?

NFI Connect™ is better than ever – newly enhanced, easy to use, and now works with nearly any vehicle in your fleet.

  • Across NFI

    Now available on all NFI vehicles from New Flyer, Alexander Dennis, ARBOC and MCI.

  • 5G-ready

    Stronger cellular performance compatible with both 4G and 5G cellular networks.

  • More capacity

    Expanded memory and data capacity for enhanced reporting and troubleshooting capabilities.

  • Geographically triggered features

    Enhanced geographically triggered features such as zero- and low-emission zones, and automatic riding height adjustments.

Have confidence in your electric fleet performance

Connect 360™ is a customizable performance dashboard that provides smart analytic reporting to expand insight and intelligence for managing your
zero-emission buses and coaches.

It provides an easy-to-read visual report for battery-electric bus and operator performance, allowing you to better understand this new technology to maximize efficiency, reliability and sustainability, and seamlessly transition to a high-performing zero-emission fleet.

Key Analytics

Real-time performance statistics are displayed in easy-to-read graphs and measurements. This helps you optimize your zero-emission bus and coach fleet – from drivers and passengers, to maintenance and scheduling teams.

  • Energy consumption

  • Range

    Range achieved and remaining

  • Battery state-of-charge

  • GPS

    Location and average speeds

  • Regenerative braking

  • Range estimation values.

  • HVAC consumption/mile