Our first ever battery electric, three-axle, high-capacity double deck bus

The all-electric Enviro500EV CHARGE double deck bus delivers cleaner cities, quieter streets, zero emissions and lower operating costs.

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Contributing to a sustainable future

There is no better or more sustainable way to move large numbers of passengers than the Enviro500EV CHARGE. With a length of 45 feet, two decks, up to 82 seats, 648kWh of energy storage, and equally at home cruising at highways or in downtown city streets, it takes zero-emission mobility to an entirely new level.

  • Up to 82 Seats

    With two decks

  • 648kWh

    Energy Storage

The passenger’s favorite

With the industry’s first full independent front suspension and the reduced noise levels associated with electric drive, the Enviro500EV CHARGE provides an outstanding combination of a smooth ride and low noise levels, appreciated by drivers and passengers alike.

With rapid charging batteries located in the chassis and at the rear of the vehicle for a low center of gravity and great stability, it features a reversible HVAC system incorporating an all-electric heat pump which increases the vehicle range on cold days.


Quick measurements

Seating Capacity Upper Saloon
Seating Capacity Lower Saloon
Wheelchair Positions
Front Axle
Drive Axle
Tag axle
21’9″ + 4’11” (inner)
Up to 2
17,637 lb
25,534 lb
17,637 lb
60,878 lb

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